Shanghai Metro Line 16 subway construction site collapsed

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-31 4:28 Friday

At noon on August 18, 2011 line of Shanghai rail transit Line 16 a construction scaffold collapse, at present at least 1 dead and several injured. It is learnt that at the time, there were 6 workers on the construction platform operations. 1 worker was killed after he was carried out of the hospital, there are 4 different degrees of injuries. Another field to introduce, and finally 1 worker was rescued at about 13:40 P.M..

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Beijing-Tibet express more than 30 vehicles lorries piled up

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-31 4:25 Friday

On August 18, 2011 early, Jining, Inner Mongolia Beijing-Tibet occurred over more than 30 trucks piled up accidents, currently 6 is dead and 5 injured.

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Multiple areas of China continuing hot weather

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-31 4:20 Friday

On August 18, 2011, the continuous high temperature weather in multiple areas in China, "autumn Tiger" weather intensity on the strong side, Changsha, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places have continuous high temperature days. Recently, Cheung Sha near du Fu Jiang Ge, was too hot, a member of the public hold fire hydrants to wash.

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Xinhua News Agency branch office in Gaza by Israel army bombed

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-31 4:14 Friday

On August 19, 2011, the Office of the Xinhua News Agency employee is viewing damage. In retaliation for Israel series of attacks in the South, Israel Army on 18th and 19th launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip more than early this morning, killing at least 6 people were killed. At Hamas security base near the Gaza Office of the branch affected, broken glass for exterior wall, Windows and doors off, fortunately without causing casualties.

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1000 people in Shenyang with setting up exercises to radio music

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-31 4:04 Friday

On August 19, 2011, first Conference on fitness games and the sport in Liaoning province held in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center, fitness games, thousands of people at the same time setting up exercises to radio music.

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Entire villages in Shanxi luliang coal mine collapse

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-29 22:50 Wednesday

On August 15, 2011, linxian in luliang city in Shanxi province subject to collapse in the village of Pang Pangta village. Huge cracks the ground, whole yard into an island. Pang Pangta village are built on mountains, built with the Groove. Farmers ' caves and houses scattered halfway up, you do not see our village, appears in front of it is the scene of the collapse, Cave was collapsing down landfill lives, only to reveal a black hole, and some people refrigerators, furniture, motorcycles were buried in the ruins.

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Guangxi against MLM activities

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-29 22:42 Wednesday

On August 16, 2011, liuzhou, Guangxi police to troubleshoot suspected pyramid schemes in Yuejin road, a hotel staff. That night, liuzhou, Guangxi police deployed large numbers of police forces, Yuejin road, in the city, three road inventory 24 Home Hotel, found nearly 200 suspected pyramid selling personnel, and troubleshooting. The past few days, guest, Beihai in Guangxi, Nanning municipal organization enforcement power against pyramid schemes, such as activities, have arrested more than pyramid schemes, more than 900 people.

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Recall of China North locomotive and railcar dock Shanghai refurbishment

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-29 22:35 Wednesday

August 16, 2011, North car recall in the operation of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway in China 54 listed CRH380BL EMU, Shanghai HongQiao car start on some recall the models of EMU for a comprehensive refurbishment of stopping. Trains in Shanghai, Beijing and other ground vehicle refurbishment.

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Beijing Miyun reservoir, a police helicopter crash

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-29 22:33 Wednesday

The morning of August 17, 2011, Beijing police a police helicopter search-and-rescue training on their way back to the end, falling in Miyun reservoir. It is learnt that on that day, in the morning, Beijing police search-and-rescue training with a helicopter in the mountains of Miyun, 9:12 the end. On his way back, helicopter suddenly crashed in Miyun reservoir water aboard, 5 crew members drowning, has been on saving 1, no life danger. The cause of the accident was under investigation.

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Biden watch in Beijing Sino-American football

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-8-29 22:25 Wednesday

The evening of August 17, 2011, in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center, Biden in China at United States Ambassador Zhang yesui, United States Ambassador to China, accompanied by Locke to watch United States basketball contest at Georgetown University and Shanxi teams.

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