Lai Changxing appearance photos total

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-29 23:48 Sunday

On February 3, 2004, Canada Vancouver, Lai Cheung-an interview with lawyers at a press conference. Canada Federal Court dismissed the same day Lai Changxing refugee application made a request for judicial review of the case.

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Visit the Sino-Russian border bear island

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-29 23:41 Sunday

Pillar on bear Island (July 17, 2011 photo). From July 20, black blind island located in the Sino-Russian border will usher in the first batch of tourists. Black blind Island before the open, reporters landing inside your, from the beautiful sunrise to Heron perches, grass pond on the island, rivers, wetlands, slowly like a picture. Chinese on the function of the overall plan of bear Island, including ecological protection, tourism and leisure, Commerce, Port Channel 4 main functions, by the third of the wetland nature reserve and 75% consist of tourism trade and economic zone.

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The 60 anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet March

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-29 23:29 Sunday

On July 19, 2011, celebrate the 60 anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet held mass demonstrations in Lhasa by the General Assembly.

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160 tons of overloaded goods vehicles crushed Beijing bridge

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-29 23:15 Sunday

July 19, 2011 at 40 hours, a vehicle weighing 160 tons of heavily loaded gravel truck, by Bao Shan Temple in Huairou district White River Bridge bridge collapse occurred the first hole, 4 hole all currently collapsed, no casualties.

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Xiangyang, Hubei Province cement growing vegetables

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 14:00 Saturday

In the city of Xiangyang, Hubei Province xiangfan shuanggou 9th Industrial Park Road, area, shuanggouzhen villagers Wu Hecun Wu Xiaoxian to honor the do not have to move out of the mile of film (taken July 15, 2011). In recent years, the national land law-enforcement inspection, satellite remote sensing picture monitor is like "eye in the sky", making it difficult for illegal land to hide. Recently, however, Xiangyang, Hubei Province shuanggou industrial park, ingenuity, well under construction on the cement "fill vegetables", "eye in the sky" playing under a "stealth" by the local people to report. "Xinhua viewpoint" reporters conducted field investigations.

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Completion of China's first aircraft carrier ship island

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 13:55 Saturday

PS: an aircraft carrier warship island is nearly complete, recently ushered in the first batch of soldiers for the first time for boarding. PS: is currently installed liferaft, and even more exciting is, currently, PS: railing on the deck is removed. At present, the ship bow ski-jump deck rails have been removed. Figure for the first batch of soldiers boarded the PS: aircraft carrier.

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Collapse of the pavement construction of Qingdao Metro

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 13:50 Saturday

The morning of July 17, 2011, and jingkou road, Qingdao, Shandong, Chongqing Middle Road, the favorite, big area subsidence occurred on the ground. After the incident, surrounding a variety of mechanical equipment in a tense job and construction staff in fast-filling cement to the collapse pit sand. Perimeter road has been closed by walls or cordon, police vehicles, fire engines on standby at the scene. Leadership at the scene directing rescue Metro Headquarters, the Corporation.

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Dalian tunnel collapse 12 people were buried

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 13:47 Saturday

July 18, 2011, East shengli road, Dalian Nanshan tunnel landslide incident at the ⅰ section K2+246~+26 section of the Northern line, collapse of about 45 metres from the widening and reconstruction project construction, 12 people were trapped.

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A food factory in Wuhan ammonia leak

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 13:43 Saturday

The afternoon of July 17, new Groove farm source in Wuhan dongxihu district of Wuhan sudden ammonia spill in frozen food company workshop. Accident did not result in casualties, but due to high ammonia concentration of hair, around the different degree of more than 30 acres of crops withered, dead insects of everywhere on the roads was smoked to death.

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Altay, Xinjiang found huge meteorite

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-7-28 13:33 Saturday

On July 17, 2011, in Altay, Xinjiang kelan Grand Canyon, Beijing Planetarium meteorite expert Zhang Baolin (second from left) Guide staff measured the height meteorites. Recently, Beijing, Taiwan and other meteorites, meteorite enthusiasts through the slices in the early experimental results of experts and field observation, determined in Altay, Xinjiang kelan Grand Canyon for a piece of meteorite iron meteorites. According to expert determination, the meteorite ground segment is 2.2 meters long, 1.25 meters high, 1.2 meters wide (average). Initial judgement, at least in part on the ground weighs 25 tons.

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