Army aviation forging round-the-clock "land and air teams"

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:41 Saturday

In late May 2011, Army aviation unit close to actual combat, in a strange place, under complicated meteorological conditions, daylight, night model very low altitude tactical attack live walkthrough effort to create under the condition of information came to the diversified tasks around the clock ", land and air teams."

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Three Gorges Dam oil province under severe drought

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:29 Saturday

May 21, 2011, Wuhan, a tributary of liangzi Lake has largely dried up. Enatsu shanpoxiang a fishponds primary says "fish ponds before water is pulled out of the Lake, for decades seen the lake dried into this". The latest meteorological data show that 33 counties in Hubei province have this year to reach more than severe meteorological drought. So far this year, precipitation in middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and small compared to the years 40%-60% in 1961, the year since at least the year.

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Inland waterway in the world's most luxurious cruise at Chongqing maiden voyage

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:21 Saturday

May 22, 2011, luxury cruises in the travel group in Chongqing "Yangtze River Golden 1th" water. Brigade Group Chairman Wang Yongshu said, the round is by far the most luxurious cruise ships in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, dock not only helicopters on board, you can also play golf, there are open-air swimming pool, like a five-star resort on the floats in the River. Atrium connecting each layer map for luxury rooms.

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Kim Jong Il's train arrived in Yangzhou pictures

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:14 Saturday

The night of May 22, 2011, Reuters released a group photo of Kim Jong Il's train arrived in Yangzhou.

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The Communist Party of the nation's largest party flag

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:11 Saturday

May 22, 2011, Fangshan district, Beijing, known as red songs Holy Land of xiayun Ridge Township attend intensively a village set up "the country's largest party flag." Party flag using a large, metal construction, an area of 960 square metres.

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Kim Jong-Il in Yangzhou cruise

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:08 Saturday

The morning of May 23, 2011, famous sights slender West Lake in Yangzhou stops are open to visitors, amid speculation that Kim Jong-Il to take cruise to visit the local. Figure as slender West Lake Park water cruise ship has a number of security personnel.

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Former residence of Zhang guotao repairs completed

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 13:03 Saturday

In Shangli County in Pingxiang city, Jiangxi King Mt. Town mountain village of Ming Zhang guotao's former residence, after a year of construction repair, completion of the current main project Basic. Residence built on the mountain, unique style. Red Wall and green tiles, eaves and volley, cloister twists and turns, patio area. After this rebuild only door frames and menqiang of the big House has maintained the original appearance, all changed. Used building materials for the red bricks and green tiles and Cunninghamia lanceolata, columns, doors, Windows, stairs and walls in the room were thick FIR construction, carving patterns on the wall panel, show the retro styles of the mansions in the South.

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Coal and gas outburst occurred in lengshuijiang city in Hunan province coal mine accident

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 12:57 Saturday

On May 23, the grief to the families of the victims. About 18:23 on the same day, even villagers in lengshuijiang city in Hunan province coal and gas outburst in coal mine accidents, to about 23rd, search-and-rescue work ended, accident which left 7 people dead, 1 wounded. According to lengshuijiang municipal overnight investigation results, the accident of min XING coal mine +30 induced by a firecracker accident in coal drifting down the class. Shift personnel 15 people. After the accident, the coal mine officials attempted to hidden, legal representative has been in current coal mine of lengshuijiang City Public Security Department control.

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Beijing enable bus lanes

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 12:53 Saturday

On May 24, 2011, Beijing Jing-Tong Expressway bus lanes in Jing-Tong Expressway was officially opened. According to reports, the Beijing-tongliao fast road, the main road involving 18 bus line 766 operating vehicles. After the opening of bus lanes, bus is expected to shorten the travel time in half. Photo shows buses travelling in Beijing Jing-Tong Expressway on the bus lane.

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Beijing South surban over more than 1000 armed police exercises

Author:Panda Posted on:2012-6-30 12:48 Saturday

On May 20, 2011, a comprehensive training base in armed police corps in Beijing suburb. Thousands of heavily armed police officers and soldiers at the training ground in the array. Face various unexpected situations, officers and soldiers carrying shields, batons, arranged in formation. Chinese armed police forces Beijing Corps perform duties of maintaining security and stability in the capital to strengthen equipment construction. Map dispatched blockade.

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