10-year old boy in Shenyang were mothers boyfriend chopped hand

Author:Panda Posted on:2014-9-16 0:02 Tuesday

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Cut off after a 10-year old boy's right hand, arm and thrown into a kettle of hot water ... ... On October 22, 2013 at 2 o'clock in the morning, Holiday Inn Shenyang (Shenyang long West railway station), most of the tenants were sleeping. Meanwhile, 6/f, bloody scene that occurred inside a room. The time of the incident, the same floor tenants heard children screaming, "Daddy, no, Daddy, no! "Subsequently, 6 floor, gradually began to restore calm. Boy little junsuh looked similar to the assailant is to go to a doctor, but because the severed hand was soaked in hot water cannot be replanted, he never lost his right hand.

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