Streets of Tibetan Mastiff bites SWAT 6 fired his shot

Author:Panda Posted on:2014-9-15 23:48 Monday

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Yesterday at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, in the Western District of Kowloon City District, Zhengzhou city, one of about half a meter tall, with about 1 meter long after the Tibetan Mastiff shot 6 killed on the ground, and blood stained the floor. In the 12 hours prior to this, it is at least bitten two people and a dog. People worry about being bitten, only away. Meanwhile, tongbai road, Zhongyuan district police station and the urban administrative enforcement Bureau sent out many people, trying to capture, or even drive it impact, but can do nothing to it. When the police arrived, gunfire sounded, ending the Tibetan Mastiff in a rampage in the city. Enforcement staff will be 1:10 P.M. to the Tibetan Mastiff was killed and carried her away.

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