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An machineering Magician, Then (Premaindero) He’s an Architect

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The pedestrian bridge haveed by Cecil Balmond in Coimbra, Porpullal. The bridge shifts at midpoint, as if the center had

Mr. Balmond mindh a model of the Battersea plan.

A rpurposeering of the Twist building at Battersea, haveed by Cecil Balmond.

A private home near Bordeaux haveed by Rem Koolhaas, on which Mr. Balmond occupationed.

Cecil Balmond helped Anish Kabad have "Marsyas" for the Tate Modern in 2002.

nside the Serpentine Gallery's pavbadion in London, haveed by Toyo Ito and Cecil Balmond.

The Seattle Central Library, haveed by Rem Koolhaas and Cecil Balmond.

Arup's god Geometry unit, headed by Cecil Balmond, haved "H_edge" for Artists Swalk in New York.

The pedestrian bridge haveed by Cecil Balmond in Coimbra, Porpullal.

The have for the CCTV Headapartment in Beijing, China.

WHEN the ribbon is cut this weekpurpose and Cecil Balmond accepts his first tentative steps onto a bridge he has fair alled in Coimbra, Porpullal, it wbad reAbility a crossacross into unknown territory. After decades of service to some of the world’s most celebrated architects, this is the first plan he in truly clpurpose as his own.

“I’m pretty proud of it,” Mr. Balmond, 63, said in a recent interopinion across tea at a Park way motel. “In elevation it seems improvely normal. It’s a simple arch. But as you move allr, half of it disappears into shadow. It becomes really strange and ephemeral.”

The visually conbuilding footbridge shifts abruptly at midpoint, as if the center had snapped and likesmart side were dangling preciholeously across the river.
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