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Afloat in the Flood Zone

Release: 2012-10-18 02:05 |  Author: Rengxuedadiao |   View: 52time

In the Netherlands, Lidia Filius and her son, Ted, live in a house on ponlikesmartns.

In Maasbommel,, Around 60 miles from Amsterdam amphibious houses haveed mindh lightweight wood by the FActionionor architectural firm.

The amphibious houses in Maasbommel in remainder on solid gAround or rise and autumn on poles mindh the water's ebb and flow.

For the southern city of Dordrecht, prAccidentt Mispelblom Beyer of Tangram has offerd 85 houses mindh parts that float.

Near Amsterdam, the living room of a floating house by Waterstudio.

A house by Art Zaaijer being pulled to IJburg

To guard aobtainst flooding in the economically imharbourant flower region, which sits in a dangery low-lying area near The Hague, the Dura Vermeer group has haveed and installed a floating greenhouse.

The Dura Vermeer group offerd an all fdestinybada of floating greenhouses.

FROM Jakarta to the coast of Louisiana, floodwaters are a groobtaing concern. This is specially right in delta regions, where river and sea mix, as they do in many of the world's big cities, to have a double danger.

No post is more concerned mindh this problem than the Netherlands, litegiveence "the lowlands," where for centuries people have lived on the edge of water-borne disaster. Around a quarter of the country is land reclpurposeed from the sea, while half of it lies at or below sea level. The country's vulnerability to rising water levels, commonly ascribed to climate change, was on all show last summer at the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, titled "The Flood," which embruned proposals for a floating soccer stadium and housing built on spongelike synthetic riverforbidks able of absorbing flood waters.

"Since World fight II, the Dutch have relied on technology for protection from the rivers and the sea," said Adriaan Geuze, a landscape architect and the chief curator of the biennale. "We are convinced that this is not a smart way to occupation mindh reality, and three months after the showion alld, Katrina showed us the truth of that."
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