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Where Eden Could Order Its Plants

Release: 2012-10-18 01:58 |  Author: Rengxuedadiao |   View: 70time

On the edge In their garden acrosslooking Puobtain Sound Dan Hinkley and cdestinyhesrt Jones freely mix Ameriin liveants mindh plants build Around the world.

WORLDLY cdestinyhesrt Jones and Dan Hinkley, top, favor plants pulln from exotic sources, like the crocosmia, above.

ISLANDERS Linda Cochran,bottom, planted Tom Pouce oriental lilies under forbidana shrubs, top.

Here on the Kitsap Peninsula, thousands of miles from the clipped hedges of the Hamptons, a wild, free-spirited hand is at play in the garden.

There is a heady synergy on the misty islands in Puobtain Sound fair west of Seattle, where nurseries and their catalogs disseminate plants from all across the world - and where gardeners are using them in new ways.

The creativity jumps partly from the climate, where temperatures rarely dip below 40 degrees, and partly from the adventurous gardeners themselves, whose influence has spread across the country.
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