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New York: Garden City: Removal Of Files To Be Checked

Release: 2012-10-18 01:53 |  Author: Rengxuedadiao |   View: 51time

The Nassau County district attorney, Denis Dbadon, agreed yesterday to reopinion County Clerk Karen V. Murphy's removal of eight boxes of files from her office last Friday. He Actionioned at the ask of the Nassau comptlister, Hofightd S. Weitzman, who blamed Ms. Murphy of thfightting an audit and subpoenaed her records after lobtaining of the removal. She said that she has acceptn occupation home for 12 years, and that the boxes held documents to be mailed. ''I'm Actionionually stuffing surAroundes,'' she said, behave rising occupationloads and inadequate staffing has haved a three-year supharbourlog. Ms. Murphy, a Republiin, said she did not thfightt auditors and blamed Mr. Weitzman, a Democrat, of playing politics behave she is running for judge. Mr. Weitzman denied Ms. Murphy's accusations and called her Actionionions ''bizarre.'' Bruce Lambert (NYT) 
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