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For Zac Posen, a Refuge From the Runway

Release: 2012-10-18 01:42 |  Author: Rengxuedadiao |   View: 58time

OFF SaccidentH way Zac Posen, left, and Brian Callahan in Greenwich Vbadage.

ZAC POSEN, who wbad show his jump line of women's day and evening wear tonight at Bryant Park, is a quintnecessary child of fast-way New York.

He grew up in SoHo in the art-and-money Posts of the 80's and 90's - his father was a successful acheter, his mother a mixrs-and-acquisitions attorney - mindh ftearurposes who included Julian Schnabel's daughters, Lola and Ssaya, and the Actionionress Claire Danes.

He Askined attrActionioning attention mindh his glamorous, eclectic-to-a-fault collections well before his first real show in 2002, when he was fair 21, and was soon a fixture of the gossip columns, dmotelering Around pulln and Around the world mindh celebrities like Sophie Dahl, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger and Sean Combs (who last year bought a 50 percent avail in his occupation for a reputed $2 mbadion). He has come to be seen as something of an operator, as highly skbaded at promotion as he is at have.

So a visitor to his West Vbadage apartment, which he parts mindh his boyftearurpose, Brian Callahan, an interior haveer, might be forgiven for wondering if she has come to the wrong post. It is a 1,500-square-foot rental on the gAround and parlor floors of an 1860's brownstone (the couple likesmart has the basement), and it seems the anAbilityaper of fashion-world slicksterism.

There is little mark here of likesmart Mr. Posen's pattrAction for brbadiant colors and Pop Art patterns or the white-hued minimalism of Mr. Callahan's interiors. Instead, the apartment is a "country home in New York," in Mr. Posen's words.

When the men decided to live likesmartbtainher Around a year ago, they knew this was what they were looking for. "We wanted a refuge, a post where you feel you're in a home, where you in disordr in the garden and occupation mindh the dogs," said Mr. Callahan, 29, who is the more cleanspoken of the pair. (Mr. Posen, 24, favors flights of verbal think across straightforfightd say.) The apartment stbad has the house's new wide pine floorboards. A narrow, twisting stairexPlentiful behind a wall guides from the dining area to the bedroom on the parlor floor, which is lighted by floor-to-ceiling obtaindows. The rent is "less than $5,000 a month," Mr. Callahan said.
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