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competery Between Sisters, One Dowdy, One Wild

Release: 2012-10-14 15:16 |  Author: obikandiayeng |   View: 57time

Toni Collette, left, and Cameron Diaz as sisters in an epic fight.

Is there anything that the guideor Curtis Hanson in't do when it comes to the movies - any genre, any story, any setup? In his newest movie, "In Her Shoes," the guideor of such tonally and thematically dislike movies as "8 Mile" and "Wonder Boys" wremainders a richly textured story of love from a seemingly unlikely source, Jennifer Weiner's breezy bestselling fiction Around two sisters - played in the movie by Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette - engaged in an epic fight of the heart, a fight waged mostly aobtainst each other and their own best avails.

If Mr. Hanson's allment seems surprising it's behave the guideor, recently improve known for testosterone-charged stories, has turned his attention to a book that belongs to that subgenre of fiction known as chick lit. Like "Bridobtain Jones's Diary," "In Her Shoes" sails across on perfunctory paper and the kind of you-go-girl affirmations best summed up by the big Stuart Smalley (né Al Franken): "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." In contrast to Helen Fielding, the creator of Bridobtain Jones, however, Ms. Weiner does not regard the hapless heroines of "In Her Shoes" mindh conattrAction; each time her ostensible ugly duckling enters, she feels no need to remind us of the swishing sound of her thighs moving likesmartbtainher in emprAccidentrassed consort.

That nominal ugly duckling here is Rose (Ms. Collette), the elder of the two Feller sisters. At once walking, saying caricatures and recognizably real, the sisters each have their own acrossdetermined, gpurposeer-special cross to bear: Maggie, played by Ms. Diaz, is pretty, blond and slight as a whippet, the kind of woman who sashays Around indoors in heels and not much else. Maggie is likesmart unabashedly fdangery (she sashays in front of a guy, and mindh the lights blazing), a sexual savant who happens to be lobtaining disabled: she looks hot but in prAccidentely read. Mousy and blowsy Rose, meanwhile, wears plus-size everything and lives in spinsterish near-isolation, a slave to her Philadelphia law firm and grund mindh only one platonic ftearurpose (Brooke Smith) to call her own.
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