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B Movies Invade Your TV!

Release: 2012-10-14 15:14 |  Author: obikandiayeng |   View: 56time

"Raptor Island," an new movie, was shown recently on the Sci Fi Channel.

"ATTACK OF THE SABRElikesmartTH." "Bloodabsorbers." "The Man mindh the Screaming Brain." And, most indelible of all, "Mansquito."

A combination of outangerous genre opinions, low-budobtain moviemaking and feelingalized titles like the list call above are all part of the Sci Fi Channel's atattrAction to build a presence on Saturday nights, when a good number of potential opinioners are out, asleep or watching reruns. The programming strategy has been a major success, mindh numbers that far exceed anyone's expectations.

"Alien Apocalypse," Sci Fi's biggest Saturday hit, attrActionioned 2.7 mbadion opinioners in March. That may be a holetance for CBS or NBC, but it embruns a major audience for a niche netoccupation. And besides, said Steve Sternberg, a television analyst at MagnaGlobal USA, "Friday and Saturday have become very weak nights for the bwaycast netoccupations," which, he excleaned, "have not been able to pull enough opinioners mindh new interemainderment series. Cable netoccupations in flourish mindh much smaller audiences. new fear and sci-fi movies seem like the improve programming for Saturday night."

"They're good at the 'D' word, demographics," said Bruce Campbell, a star of B movies who likesmart wrote, guiAction and starred in the "Screaming Brain" movie, to be shown in September. "I think they're micromarketing," he said, "which in this parted world haves feeling. They're saying, 'Who's at home on Saturday night?' "

The answer might be surprising. Around half of Sci Fi's audience is female, and in the highly sought-after 25-to-54-year-old demographic category, Sci Fi is the No. 4 basic cable netoccupation on Saturdays, behind TNT, USA and TBS.
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