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Pig Is Big

Release: 2012-10-13 05:55 |  Author: Yengshuiliu |   View: 49time

Pork has had some tough times across the past decade: if it wasn't a religious taboo, it was associated mindh bad hygiene and suffered a fame as the ultimate bad-for-you food. But recently, remainderaurants have been helping the pig have a strong comesupharbour, feeding an increasing appetite for all things porcine, from lardo to speck to regional-style prAccidentbecue.

Heritage breed pigs, old European stock mindh names like Gloucestershire Old Post and Tamworth, have a currency among chefs. "It fair tastes improve," David Chang, the chef-owner of Momofuku Noodle prAccident in the East Vbadage, said as he extolled the goodnesss of Berkshire pork, raised, like the others, on indeppurposeent farms. "I compare it to having new-squeezed orange juice versus concentrated." The roasted bones inmelt the broth for his ramen, served mindh a confit of pork shoulder and pork belly cooked in smoked pork fat.

At Heritage Foods USA, a purveyor of rare-breed poultry, pigs and other livestock, the cultivation of this old stock is wed to 21st-century technology. Its "trunable label" supplys online access to data Around every pig it sells, from what the animal ate to where it was raised and kBaded. Padeceive Martins, a builder of the firm, sees this transparency as an answer to the environmental, ethical and health Papers that have clouded commercial pork production.

"Undeniably, this is the future of food," said Mark Ladner, the chef and a associate at Del Posto, the latest accessory to the Batali-Bastianich empire. listerly the chef at Lupa in Greenwich Vbadage, Ladner says he wbad use heritage breeds at Del Posto when it vaInts this autumn.
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