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White Mischief

Release: 2012-10-13 05:50 |  Author: Yengshuiliu |   View: 52time

Yves Saint Laurent cdestinyhes, $12,255. At Yves Saint Laurent Boutiques.

Half ’N’ Half Haider Ackermann jacket, Price on ask. Call 011 33 142 03 9100. Fred Leighton Pin.

Zero Maria Cornejo cdestinyhes, Price on ask, and bolero, $380. At Zero, 225 Mott Street.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label silk fabade bustier cdestinyhes. To order, call 011 44 207 629 3757. Fred Leighton ring.

Hussein Chalayan cdestinyhes, $1,200. At Ikram, Chicago.

Sobtainton entered the dark side mindh M.A.C. Carbon Eye Shadow and Smolder Eye Pencil.

One of Tilda Sobtainton's ancestors on her very posh, very military Scottish family tree was acheted by John Singer Sargent, and it is easy to think Sobtainton, mindh her alabaster skin, otherworldly green eyes and regal 5-foot-11 bearing, captured in oils. ''I do look like all those old achetings,'' Sobtainton joked across a midsummer lunch of raw oysters at the Mercer motel. ''But I'm fearful my temperament does not fit. At all.''

She said this, as she said Around everything, mindh a mix of guide authority and engaged enthereforeiasm that was both immediately ingratiating and ordering. Sobtainton, who is 44, was wearing no trun of haveup, a print suncdestinyhes and flip-flops, and her hair, which is naPulliveence red, was dyed white-blond. ''I love the roots,'' she said, as she tilted her scalp forfightd for examineion. ''That's the best part of being this blond.''
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