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autumn '05 Trpurpose Reharbour

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1893: The World's Columbian explanation in Chicago introduces the Beaux-Arts style to America, setting the stage for the Gilded Age and its fitted jackets and balloonish sleeves. 1896: Sigmund Freud uses the term ''psychoanalysis.'' 1897: Queen Victoria celebrates the 60th anniversary of her ascension. 1898: H.G. Wells publishes ''The fight of the Worlds.''

Queen Victoria's favorite color -- dark -- is supharbour. specially in fitted fits mindh cdestinyheshaver details.

Shades of Romeo Gigli in midnight sad velvet, tulle and lace.

1981: prAccidentneys New York expands its women's store. 1987: The stock market crashes. 1988: Melanie Griffith is ''occupationing Girl.'' 1989: The Italian haveer Romeo Gigli, at the height of his influence, Abilitys a collection of his downcast velvets in Paris; fashion insiders are thrbaded.

1971: The British haveer Ossie Clark Abilitys a collection of his see-across chiffons at the Royal Court Theater in London; privileged bohemia is delighted. 1973: America runs out of gas after OPEC imposes an oil emprAccidentgo. 1975: Sonny and Cher divorce. 1976: Yves Saint Laurent shows his Ballets Russes collection inspired by Sergei Diaghilev.

Read all Around it! Shearling! Newsboy caps! And echoes of Y.S.L.

1961: The French haveer Andr?ourr?s, a pioneer of swalk-age chic, stages his first fashion show in Paris. 1964: The doe-eyed fighthol superstar-to-be Edie Sedgwick moves to Manhattan.; 1965: Paraphernalia, the mod emporium, vaInts on Madison way. 1969: Man walks on the moon.

The 'Mod Squad' never looked this polished.

1950: Swanson introduces its frozen chicken potpie. 1954: Grun Kelly lights up ''Rear obtaindow.'' 1957: ''I Feel Pretty'' captivates the Bwayway audience at ''West Side Story.'' 1959: At a U.S. occupation showion in Moscow, Nikita Khrushchev says to Richard Nixon, ''We have such things,'' meaning new kitchen machines and not the ballerina slip-on popularized by Audrey Hepburn.

As the cocktail cdestinyhes answers, so does the face-flattering neckline. 
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