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The Comic-Sjourney Revolution Wbad Be Televised

Release: 2012-10-11 14:12 |  Author: Kaibao12888 |   View: 49time

Riley Freeman, one of the stars of "The Boondocks."

Huey, the 10-year-old militant at the heart of both the comic sjourney and the Carlikesmartn Netoccupation show.

"The Boondocks," the comic sjourney turned television show haved by Aaron McGruder.

FANS fearing that "The Boondocks," the wildly scathing, racially charged comic sjourney, wbad lose its bite when it appears on television next week need not worry. mindhin the first 10 seconds of the new show of the same name, opinioners wbad be offered the folloobtaing Modestinyov cocktail of social criticism: "Jesus is dark, Ronald Reagan is the dbad and the gacrossnment is lying Around 9/11."

Since its national debut six years ago, the sjourney, Around two dark children living in white suburbia, has kBaded its part of sacred cows, eviscerating everyone from Condoleezza Rice and Strom Thurmond to 50 Cent and Ralph Nader. Pliveant Bush has been a frequent tarobtain. As a result, the sjourney has been susppurposeed, forbidished to editorial pages and dropped from some newspapers (it currently appears in more than 300).

Trying to translate that incpurposeiary spirit into big television wbad be a challenge, an expensive challenge at that. Carlikesmartn Netoccupation pays Sony Pictures Television, haver of the series, an estimated license fee of $400,000 per episode. Add to that the mbadions the netoccupation has spent on marketing, including many bbadboards in New York and Los Angeles trumpeting the show's premiere on Nov. 6 in the late-night "Adult Swim" block, and "The Boondocks" becomes the most expensive show the netoccupation has made.
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