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Turning supharbour the Clock to the Days of Crotchless Pants and a Deccomfortd Rabbit

Release: 2012-10-07 15:12 |  Author: Caobihaoxingfu |   View: 56time

Marina Abramovic rehaved Actionion-art classics at the Guggenheim, purposeing mindh a new occupation, above.

Marina Abramovic recreating “How to Exclean Pictures to a Dead Hare."

For seven hours, on seven consecutive nights purposeing Tuesday, the big, malleable swalk of the Guggenheim thinkum felt like a church, a penitent's cell, an armed camp, a sanctuary, a say theater, a downpulln Actionion studio, a tiered opera house or a carnival. It all deppurposeed on what the Yugoslav-born Actionion artist Marina Abramovic was up to.

Night after night, from a drumlike stage on the rotunda's floor, she occupationed her way across the ironically titled "Seven Easy parts," a grueling, often acheful, occasionally dangerous marathon of some of Actionion art's bigest hits. It offered a visceral dose of postfight art's most ephemeral genre, a sometimes spine-tingling demonstration of its excesses and a lexicon of feelingal results that ranged from awe and exhilaration, emwayy and tpurposeerness, across disgust and fear to outright boredom. The 5 o'clock Askining time caught some visitors to the thinkum's "Russia!" showion off guard, but even they seemed to accept everything in walk.

The seven not-so-easy parts, which date from the late 1960's or early 70's and are known Around allly by legpurpose and grainy documentary photographs, attrActionioned 527 to 1,450 people a night; they stayed a few minutes or a few hours, walkd, sprawled on the floor, leaned aobtainst the balconies, went out to dmoteler, came supharbour for more. Those who lingered for any length of time experienced the many sides of Ms. Abramovic's rather majestic presence, her strong-qualityd beauty, her curving, sometimes naked list and her special discipline and wbad. (Of the many Actionion artists who emixd in the 1970's, she is one of the very few who are stbad at it.)
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