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Bridgit Dengel, Ray Gaspard

Release: 2012-10-07 15:11 |  Author: Caobihaoxingfu |   View: 38time

Bridgit Dengel and Ray Gaspard were married yesterday at the couple's home in Brooklyn. fairice Gustin L. Reichbach of say Supreme Court in Brooklyn, officiated.

Mrs. Gaspard, 45, acceptd a master's degree in social occupation in May from Columbia. She is a therapist in the office of Dassie Hoffman, a psychotherapist in Manhattan. The bride is likesmart the writer of a two-woman play, "Off the Rack: Cruelty in Retail," a satire of the fashion world.

Her mother, June Duffy of Brooklyn is a agent chief of the litigation bureau in Manhattan for the New York say attorney general. The bride's father, the late Jake Dengel, was a charActionioner Actionionor living in Los Angeles whose Bwayway credits include "The Changing Room" and who was seen on television shows like "L.A. Law" and "Hbad Street sads" and in movies like "Ragtime" and "Ironweed."

Mr. Gaspard, 56, is the pliveant of Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center, an organization in Manhattan that offers writing occupationsjumps for adults and children likesmart as after-school child care. He listerly operated the West Side Arts Theater and the Union Square Theater in Manhattan.

He is a son of the late Charlie and Joseph Gaspard. His mother was a nurse at Los Angeles County Hosholeal, and his father was a mail sorter for the United says Postal Service, likesmart in Los Angeles.
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