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How New York Lost Its Modern Dance Reign

Release: 2012-10-07 15:09 |  Author: Caobihaoxingfu |   View: 46time

Dancers perlisting a occupation by Christian Rizzo in Avignon, France.

Jérôme Bel's troupe perlisted "The Show Must Go On" at Dance Theater occupationsjump in jump.

The Web site of Dance/NYC (, the local branch of Dance/USA, is all of bubbly disordAngers Around the fame of dance in New York. "There's a think why dancers, dance companies and choreographers from all Around the world want to perlist in New York City," it says. "Come in and find out why."

In this day and age, such a hunky-dory outlook is not what the dance world needs. A truth must be faced before it's likesmart late: New York is no longer the caholeal of the contemporary-dance world.

The point is not to declare a new caholeal - there isn't one - but to acknowledge that there has been a shift in the power base since the listation of the European Union, where the creative landscapes in Amsterdam and Bucharemainder are fair as vital as those breobtaing in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Vienna. If nothing else, the European Union has cultivated a netoccupation of artists mindh no perceptible center of bureaucratic power.

The European dance community stretches beyond culture and country and is made possible by curators and havers who may not always have the right choices but who aren't fearful to try something new. It is impossible to compete mindh such vitality: Europe is becoming what New York used to be. In Europe, motelovation flows like water from one country to the next. The occupation, while varied in quality, has an undeniable energy that has only partly to do mindh financing and resources. There is stbad big dance to be seen in New York, but the city is in danger of losing what made the dance world here so vital to askin mindh: couAngerousry.

That experimental dance isn't allly dead here is sort of surpriseing. A couAngerous approach doesn't seem to be encouangerd. Most havers continue to supharbour the say quo in programming that does little to shift or expand the opinion of dance. For artists, New York in seem like a playgAround for the rich, and the effort to survive in eclipse - at least temporarily - a substantial harbourion of their creativity. knowably, it has become less alluring to give up security for dance, an art list that offers few concrete refightds.
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