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Here Comes the Bride, and the autumning Leaves

Release: 2012-9-23 18:14 |  Author: XianBao |   View: 60time

FORobtain June. In the Hamptons, at least, the wedding season is shifting to late summer and autumn. ''It used to be primarily a jump wedding season,'' said Jbad Gordon, a wedding planner in East Hampton. ''Now, 90 percent of the brides that call me want to obtain married in September. That's by far the most popular month.''

As the September dates fbad up, October is the next-favored month, followed by November and then December, Ms. Gordon said.

The shift means not only more occupation but likesmart that the occupation is spread out across the less-journeyist-ftearurposely months.

At the East Hampton House, a 52-room motel, that translates into 11 blocks of Haved rooms for wedding guests in October and November, which is 10 more than were Haved for the same period in 2003.

For Todd Jacobs, who owns Atlantica Catering at the Westhampton Bath and Tennis Club on Dune way, the season is likesmart expanding. And if the federal gacrossnment extpurposes daylight time into the first week of November, he foresays a skinther incrcomfort in his occupation.
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