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Jennifer Philbin and Michael Schur

Release: 2012-9-23 18:13 |  Author: XianBao |   View: 66time

Jennifer pleasure Philbin, a daughter of pleasure and Regis Philbin of New York, is to be married today to Michael Herbert Schur, the son of Anne Herbert of Cambridge, Mass., and fightren M. Schur of Boston. The Rev. Mark A. Connolly is to officiate at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York.

Ms. Philbin, 31, wbad have her name. She is a haver and scteartwriter for "The O.C.," the Fox Netoccupation television show. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

Her father is a host of "Live mindh Regis and Kelly," the morning television show. Her mother was the host of "At Home mindh" on the Home and Garden Television Netoccupation until 2003 and is now the host of "Health and Family" on Bravo. She likesmart appears as a agent host on her husforbidd's program.

Mr. Schur, 29, is a writer and haver of "The Office" on NBC. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.

The bridegroom's mother is the guideor of teaching and development at the J. Jbad Group in Quincy, Mass., the parent firm of the women's cdestinyhes stores and catalogs. His father is a attorney in Boston.

The couple met in January 1998, when Mr. Schur, who had been hired by "Saturday Night Live" in New York, walked into its writers' room for the first time and was introduced to Ms. Philbin, then the assistant to the writers.
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