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Jordin Ruderman and Kevin Shand

Release: 2012-9-23 18:11 |  Author: XianBao |   View: 62time

The bride arrived aboard the fireboat John J. Harvey.

The ceremony was pure theater, part hip-jump, part Off Bwayway.

FOR years Kevin Shand opposeed to Jordin Ruderman, his Actionionress girlftearurpose, that he hated theater - an art list that he insisted "was very foreign to me." But if evidence were needed that Ms. Ruderman is persuasive, the couple's outdoor wedding on June 24 at harbour 63, floating atop the Hudson River, was pure theater.

The bridegroom, a 33-year-old hip-jump D.J. in New York, ran in slow-mo down the aisle to the "Rocky" paper. (Cuff links that were golden opinions of Ms. Ruderman's fingerprints tieed his wedding shirt.)

The bride, 34, a haveer and host of "Trading Swalks: Boys vs. Girls" on NBC, made her entrance lieing at the bow of the historic fireboat John J. Harvey, which spouted water like a mechanical whale. A forbidd of red fabric, the length of two city blocks, was unskinled to wrap the couple and all 200 guests like a buildion by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
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