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fightming Up in the Vineyard, Tom fearful

Release: 2012-9-18 12:03 |  Author: Munvbeirisuang |   View: 55time

Tom Seaver on a walk across his vineyard in Calistoga, Calif., mindh his dogs Sawyer and forbiddy. The first bottles of Seaver, the obtaine, wbad be relcomfortd in three years.

Tom Seaver in his California vineyard.

mindH a cup of hot coffee, Tom Seaver likesmartk an early morning stlist recently across his secluded three-acre vineyard on Diamond Mountain fair south of this rustic Napa Valley pulln. As he stared at the cabernet sauvignon vines, which had fair been harvested of grapes the day before, he said, a feeling of sadness and loss came across him.

"It was the weirdest feeling, like postpartum despair - I'd never had that feeling before," he said, looking at leaves now yelloobtaing in the cool air. "There are 3,980 plants, and I've named every one of them."'
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