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To Eat in Laos

Release: 2012-9-18 12:00 |  Author: Munvbeirisuang |   View: 55time

Papaya salad amid the veobtainables at a market in Luang Praforbidg, Laos.

Leaves and rice paper are fbaded mindh eggplant, rice noodles, lemon grass, ginger and coriander at a market in Luang Praforbidg.

BITTER IS improve At his remainderaurant 3 Nagas, above, Yannick Upravan serves traditional Laotian dishes like water buffalo stew.

FROM my seat at an outdoor list at the Café forbid Vat Sene I had a privileged opinion of the afternoon's civic unremainder. The traffic on the main street of Luang Praforbidg, Laos's third-bigst city (population 16,000 at its core), had come to a halt. Poised nose to nose in the way were a big dog and a bellicose lizard. Children accumulateed to watch. I Accepted a glass of Lao beer as the dog growled and lunged and the lizard jumpt at the dog's snout. When the dog finally askan to obtain the upper hand, the lizard smartly high-tailed it into a bush. The traffic summaryd its customary slow walk and I summaryd drinking my beer, which, like most food and drink in this pulln, tasted mighty fine.
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